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The problem

Waste has become a global issue. However, in nature there is no such thing as waste, everything is used again and goes around in a cycle


So how come we end up producing so much garbage ?


It is time for us to learn from nature and turn the littering problem into an opportunity.

The most common problematic waste produced worldwide is organic waste (bio-waste), which represents between 30% and 40% of the total waste on the landfill.

After being dumped in a landfill, the organic waste decomposes and generates methane; a dangerous greenhouse gas that majorly contributes to global warming.

The solution

Let nature inspire us to do better

BSF organic waste conversion based systems are the key

Compared to natural decomposition processes, it reduces CO2 and methane emissions into the atmosphere by more than 60%.

It reduces organic waste by more than 70% and significantly increases the composting process’s efficiency.

It requires little to no water nor energy in the process, which makes it an optimal economic advantage. 

The organic waste derived from the process is recycled into high quality reusable products (compost, chitosan, animal feed …)

What is BSF?

The BSF (Black Soldier Fly) is an insect that lives a total of six weeks.

In its life cycle, during the almost three weeks it takes for fly larvae to pass from egg to pupa, the larvae eat all kinds of organic waste to grow, becoming one of the most efficient animals in the world at converting waste into biomass.

The larvae of the BSF fly contain high levels of protein and have a large number of industrial applications.

Without the need for heavy machines, BSF can turn organic waste into high quality organic fertilizers, which can increase food security of the comunities

Bioconversion facilities can help communities optimize their waste management systems, provide jobs, improve public health, and mitigate global warming.

Let nature help us and let us learn from it!

Let’s improve the way of thinking, let’s think circular!

Management Team

Alberto González

Alberto González


Álvaro Garro

Álvaro Garro


Amaru González

Amaru González


Paula Huerta

Paula Huerta

Strategic Advisor

Diego Salgado

Diego Salgado

VP. Business Dev.

Javier Selgas

Javier Selgas


Together we created 8CIRCULAR to respond to a huge environmental problem, the management and recovery of bio-waste.

We are committed to the application of biological systems, to transform the current linear economy into a circular economy.

We promote collaboration between institutions, public-private alliances and the attraction of international investment.

We believe that a more efficient and sustainable waste management is possible, through the use of technology and natural processes using them to our advantage.

Products and services


As engineering, in addition to own projects, collaboration for the implementation of this solution in facilities of other companies is part of our DNA. We work to satisfy all the needs that arise from the bioconversion process. From the preliminary investigation according to the characteristics of the waste to the optimization of the production of the resulting products or their commercialization.





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